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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yea and look what I made....

Yummy CandyCornYea I am HAPPY I went and bought a new Rice cooker

Since mine broke the other night... I was real mad!
But While I was at walmart today
I could not stop myself from buying a new one.. and this one is nicer than my old one.. and was not much money.. And as soon as I came home I took it the box and cleaned it up and started some rice!!!!!
And Look what I made
Elmo Bento meal! Yeaa..
And it was so funny because I was
trying to take a picture of it and my kids followed me around trying to
grab it from me!! But as soon as I finished taking the picture
I let them split it and they Enjoyed eating it also!!
How I made it:
Face is Done with Rice and I added Red food color,
eyes are done with an egg and seaweed,
Mouth is done with seaweed,
Nose is done with ham
This was so easy to make!! Check back for more cute bento
meals I make I will be making more real soon!


aikoaiko said...

that's great. you can make more bento meals now.

*Angelia* said...

aikoaiko: yes I know I am so happy now, dont know what I would do without a rice cooker! lol
Thanks for passing by! come back soon