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Friday, September 26, 2008


Yummy CandyCornSorry everyone! I been kinda busy.. I have been trying to look for a job
and its been real hard trying to find one that I am really looking for.. I have had
a few interviews..
They all went pretty good till they say the pay! lol
but this last one I went on I may take this job.
I have also made some more handmade Kawaii

Also I sent out for our daughters swap I hosted on swap bot And Ciera Also Rec hers! She was sooo excited coming home from School yesterday to find a package just for her!

This is What Ciera Rec.. lots of CUTE items.. she loves it all!

This is what I sent.

I been working on a few other swaps too, hope to have in the mail on Monday.. once the swaps are out Im doing I will be taking a swap break!! until the holidays are over..

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*Michelle* said...

Your stuffies are cute like always! Cant wait to see all your other ones <3333