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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

thursdaythirteen- Sep18th

Thirteen Foods I love.

1.Pizza--- Who dont like Pizza? lol
2.Home made chocolate chip cookies.. Yummy (like grandma use to make!)
3.Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwhiches
4.Chicken.... Loveeeee
6.Ice Cream
9.Chess Pie
11.Chicken N dumplins

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about chicken as you!

Darla said...

Oooh, now I'm hungry! To answer the question in #1: my 18-year-old son doesn't like pizza. He says it's the melted cheese, but he doesn't like pizza without cheese, either.

Emma Sanders said...

Oohhh!!! Pizza and chocolate chip cookies, #1 and #2! You are smart! :)) Love your entire post. Is it lunchtime yet?

Anonymous said...

Darn it! Now I'm hungry. I love every food on your list!

Happy TT!

Qtpies7 said...

So not nice. It is still an hour until lunch and now I am hungry.

Svr said...



Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Pizza. I have to have it cheese-less now that I've uncovered my allergy to dairy. :(

bernieg1 said...

Wow-great list of food, which I happen to love all. Pizza is my all time favorite though!

My TT this is week is about the 13 Myths of Sarah Palin

Ally ☁ ☼ said...

Pizza is the best thing i've ever eat xDD with chocolate lool
I love food

*Angelia* said...

Nicholas: lol thanks Yummy chicken im about to make soon here in a min! Thanks for passing by!! come back soon!

Darla: oh no lol!!=) Thanks for stopping by!!!

Emma Sanders: lol Made me hurgry to write about the post! haha!! Ty come back soon!

poppingbubbles: Ohhh no sorry ! LMBO!!! i think i must of been also! haha!!! Come back soon!!!=)

Tammy W: ^__^ thanks! Will check your out also!!!

Cheryl-TravelL o no sorry hear about that!! That must be awful!! thanks for commenting!!

bernieg1: lol i think its MOST peoples!! Ty for the comment!!

AllyLOL!!:) Thanks for commenting and passing by!!! Great Taste you have!!