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Monday, September 15, 2008

Sanrio Goodies~

Went to sanrio today and got a few goodies..Most where for swaps I am doing...

The Super Cute hk Alice and wonderland is for Issy, I am doing a private swap with her and she really wanted this plush.. its sooo cute! Just wish i could of got one for myself also! lol but this trip was mainly to get stuff for swaps I am doing... Got the ChocoCat Bento box for me.. I got this a few weeks ago also for Issy and seen another today so got one for myself... Cell Charms are for swaps too.. the Pink and red hk one is for my friend Veronica and the Hk Superhero pen is also for her.. Sticker sack is for my friend Samantha... Sticker sheets & Hk Spiral for my friend Ally. Pouches one for me one for a swap. Deco tape for me it was only like .60! Its a Badtz Maru deco tape. And also got me A Cinnamonroll Mech. Pencil And in the tube thing it has a really cute hk charm.
This is a picture I made my hubby take of the plushes at sanrio while I paid.. he did not take a very good pic! lol And see how they did not have much.. I have one of the hk Pandas the smaller one I want the 3 top ones! The BIG kuromi,Pandapple, and panda hk.. sooo cute

Order I just made at kawaii gifts the other day! Yeaaa i cant wait to get it.. its been shipped out!!!


hana said...

whenever I see any shop that sells Sanrio, I have to go in. it's addicting, i tell ya.

*Angelia* said...

yes! lol and always spend to much!!!!