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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lens Day Challenge: Sky

The Lens Day Challenge for this week is Sky.

Took this standing on my back door step.. my eyes watered as i took this! Ha lol!The sky is sooo pretty..


Anonymous said...

Nice shot!

*Angelia* said...

The Social Frog: well thanks so much! It was very bright! lol thanks for passing by!

hana said...

wow. that's really nice.

thanks for visiting and linking supahcute.com; i linked yours, too. :)

Anonymous said...

That cloud looked likes it was shooting across the sky.
This is my first Lensday and I'm totally enjoying myself.

*Angelia* said...

hana:I did it b.c I like your blog=) And ty so much you did not have to do that!!! Thanks for passing by!

Frances: It sure does!!! And thanks for passing by.. This is also my 1st one off this blog:)
I will have to take a look at your also!!!

hana said...

your blog is totally cute, and it's just my style. :D