Fall Time ~Happy Fall~

Monday, September 8, 2008

~♥Kawaii candy Corn♥~

I made this today its a candycorn... I need more saftey eyes, i had to use beads to do its eyes
=( but still it looks ok!~ I want to make more but need to restock up on supplies! some day i will make it to Joann's fabrics haha!~


Sing Yee said...

Oh... Tha plush is totally cute! :D

Each pudding costs $16, while the donuts $13. :) If you'd like some, I might be able to make remake them this weekend. :)

Thanks for your interest in my kawaii~ :P

shweetpotato said...

OHhhhhh Fer cute :D Yayy.. now I want to make one hehe, LOVE it, Carm

*Angelia* said...

Sing Yee: Hiya thanks for getting back to me! and thanks for the comments! =) I really would love 4 you to make me some.. i cant this wkend though! ughhh sorry but can you keep me in mind? I really want to get some soon!!! thanks again!

shweetpotato thanks so much! I bet yours will be so cute!! Wish i could me make more but need to restock on things! Ughhh