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Thursday, September 11, 2008

ThursdayThirteen Favorite Kawaii,San-x,Sanrio,q-lia Characters...

Thirteen Of my Favorite Kawaii,San-x,Sanrio,q-lia Characters...

1.Hannari Tofu
3.Hello Kitty
kuromi Pictures, Images and Photos
Pandapple Pictures, Images and Photos
6.Cherina Cherine
8.Tare Panda
9.Kutusita Nyanko
12. mamegoma
13.Jewel Cat

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Laura Paxton said...

Welcome to T13! Cute characters...never heard of any of them...

Happy t13!

Joyce said...

These are all SO cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

*Angelia* said...

Laura: thanks for the welcome! Oh my gosh! Really?

Joyce: thanks sooo much!!! And thanks both of you for passing by!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Thanks for sharing those very cute pictures, though I haven't heard of any of them :(
Happy TT and greets

hana said...

just the name Pandapple makes me smile. great picks!!

whatever happened to characters like Little Twin Stars and Tuxedo Sam? they need to bring those back.

*Angelia* said...

hana: thanks for passing by.. and yesss I Loveee Pandapple.. Sometimes you see some Little twin stars.. last sanrio trip they had a pen out! But thats about all I seen!! And that was the 1st in 4ever!!! thanks for passing by!!