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Saturday, September 6, 2008

**New blog GIVEAWAY**! *KAWAII*

****MICHELLE is the winner!****** You can visit here post here:
I picked Michelle bc you could tell it was really something she charished... Check back for the next giveaway, not sure when i will be but i dont think it will be kawaii and it will be another theme!!!
For my new blog, I am going to do a GIVEAWAY! Yes thats right!? A GIVEAWAY! I will try to do some giveaways when I can and they will not all be the same themes..
For this giveaway its Kawaii givesway pack:

You can click the picture to see the bigger one, also you can check my flickr.
To win this all you need to do is:

I want to see some cute things! (you must have a blog or Flickr) I want to see one thing you REALLY love and would never get rid of you bought offline, it can be handmade or even something bought in a real store offline. And just post the picture and let me know a little something about it and why you would never get rid of it and where you bought it! Please leave comments here only and let me know where to go look!

I will Keep this up for 2 weeks! Sep.6th-Sep.20th then I will pick the winner. Please dont remove your Post and picture until the winner is posted! and have FUN! Yeaaa I cant wait to see!

Heres Mine:

I Bought this really Cute Raggedy dollie from Nichole @ http://www.raggedyoldannies.com/ I Love her dollies so much hers are sooo good! I also make these types of dollies for all of you that did not know that!=) I just dont really have time to make any.. I sale them in a country store not far from where I live... But back to my pretty dollie.. I would NEVER get rid of this dollie I love her so much! She is so cute with her music notes on her dress and her lil princess Crown! I have tons of Kawaii things in my extra room and this one Raggedy dollie haha! All my country-primitve items are put up right now! I cant wait to see everyones pictures!


Anonymous said...


I picked up these adorable kitten-in-a-teacup bobby pins from Pens & Needles in San Francisco, but you can also find them on the Miss Bluebird & Oscar Etsy Shop, too.


*Angelia* said...

flappergirlcreations Hiya thanks for the comment, but your photobucket is set to private..

Sing Yee said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I have a set of donut and biscuit plushies up on my Etsy shop here. Check it out! :)

In June this year, I went to a marketplace selling handmade stuff and flea-market items clothings and such. I posted about it on my blog here. I bought a wooden elephant necklace (picture is in the post) from a sweet girl. I'm very sure I'll never sell it off. :) It's just too cute. :P And it matches any outfit I wear, even strictly formal clothes!

Yokie(PY) said...

hi!!!!! i think my kuromi folder will be the one thing that i will no sell them and they are rare in Malaysia. http://yokieyokie.blogspot.com/2008/08/kuromi.html

*Angelia* said...

flappergirlcreations: seen your pic now.. and those are really cute!

iCatland said...

I'm not sure if this counts but I really can't get ride of drawing this cat:
(that's my blog, by the way =D)

*Michelle* said...

http://mustbefate98.blogspot.com/2008/09/for-angelias-giveaway.html <~~~ theres the link! Hopeyou think my cb is cute!!

*Angelia* said...

IRis: cute blog!! but not sure where i should look? can you send me the exact link? thankssss

*Michelle*: aww such a CUTIE!!