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Saturday, September 13, 2008

New 2-Layered Bento Boxes

Yummy CandyCornOh my goshhh Look at these
new 2-Layered Bento Boxes
I Purchased at KawaiiGifts
For $17.99 Each.
I been needing to buy some for awhile now then When these came out the other day
I had to have them because they are so cute!! Cant wait for
them to come into the mail.

Also I am sooo Sad because the other night when i was making some rice
Something happend to my rice cooker.. its broke!
I was so mad! So now I got to buy another one.. *ughhhh*
Was thinking tonight of some Ideas on Making more Bentos..
1.Mushrooms- Use Cheese and Ham-Ketchup for cheeks
(like a Cram Cream Mushroom)
another version:
Use Whole egg for bottom,Cut half of tomatoe for top.Make small circles out of
White part of eggs for top of mushroom.
2.Elmo-Rice,Red food coloring,White part of eggs for eyes,Seaweed for the Black
part of eyes and mouth
3.Bee- Use Cheese for Body(yellow part),use egg or white cheese for wings
Seaweed for stipes on bee
4.Pigs- Rice.Pink food color, Ears/nose/checks use ham
I need to get to work making more asap I get a new rice cooker!

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